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Our Story

Welcome to the Acworth Village Store...We're a community-run general store in the heart of South Acworth, New Hampshire. Our mission is to maintain a traditional, reliable grocery and general store, cooperatively owned and governed by its members, and committed to serving the basic food and nonfood shopping needs of all town residents, and to be a welcoming center for eating meals and meeting friends.

We have a great supply of locally raised products, hot and cold food made fresh daily, and events such as our Pizza Nights, which feature fresh hot pizza made in our Wood fired clay pizza oven!​

Pizza Night

From May to the end of season

Join us every Saturday night from May to October for freshly made, wood-fired pizza and local live music. Pizza is served from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Prices start at $10.75 for a cheese pizza. Additional toppings are available, and the store offers a special pizza every week.


Pizzas can be made on white, multi-grain or gluten-free crusts,  with a great selection of toppings,  all baked up in our wood fired clay oven.  


Pizzas sell out quickly! Call ahead to place your order: (603) 835-6547.

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